Rodent facility and microsurgery

This facility covers 400m2 and hosts mice and rats used for CRTI research projects. Rodent facility technicians also perform microsurgery (heart, kidney and skin grafts) as well as basic animal care. The facility is specialized in animal experimentation in rodents in particular for heart, kidney and skin transplantation but also for other surgical procedures (blood sampling, organ harvesting). It is also involved in immunomonitoring of animals included in experimentation.

The APA help in elaborating projects, writing the regulatory file for the authorization of projects using animals for scientific purposes (Ministry of research), performing projects by providing technical staff trained and habilitated in anesthesia and in surgery in small animals. We follow national ethical guidelines for all our animal experimental works. The French regulations, in regard to Directive 2010/63/EU of the European Parliament and the Council adopted on 22 September 2010 on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes, prescribes project authorization for each animal experimentation. Project authorization is mainly based on the respect of the principles of replacement, reduction and refinement (3R) and on animal welfare. The project is evaluated by a regional ethical committee and accredited by the Ministry of Research. After exchanges with the project promoter, the ethical committee in charge of evaluation delivers (or not) a recommendation to the ministry, which then grants (or not) the authorization to the project.