Succès à l’appel d’offre ANR 2020 pour le CRTI

Le CRTI est coordinateur d'un projet lauréat à l’appel d’offre générique JCJC 2020 de l’ANR 

Dissecting mononuclear phagocytes heterogeneity in Crohn’s disease - Project leads by Jérôme Martin (Team1 - CRTI)

Crohn’s disease (CD) leads to high disability altering daily life. CD incidence has dramatically increased worldwide, and Europe has the highest prevalence rate. Clinical benefits to cytokines blockade have remained limited to a subset of patients. Up to 40% of patients never respond to anti-TNF. We recently identified a GIMATS (IgG-plasma cells, inflammatory mononuclear phagocytes (inf.MNP), activated T and stromal cells) module enriched in anti-TNF resistant patient intestines, likely driven by inf.MNP. The cellular and molecular diversity, location, interactions, and molecular programs of MNP differentiation remain largely unexplored in human intestine. We propose to apply high-dimensional single cell approaches to in-depth exploration of MNP transcriptomic and epigenetic heterogeneity in CD. We hypothesize that characterizing the programs driving inf.MNP differentiation and interactions with fibroblasts will offer new therapeutic opportunities tailored to anti-TNF non-responders.