Genetic and Cellular Engineering in Immunology and Regenerative Medicine
Carole Guillonneau
Team Leader

Director of Research CNRS

Co-leader of Team 2 “Gene and cell engineering in immunology and regenerative medicine”

Leading research projects focused on the understanding of tolerance in transplantation. A better understanding of tolerance induction would have great theoretical and practical implications for the success of clinical transplant. It would also relieve patients from long-term need of immunosuppressant medications. My projects expect to allow the establishment of new strategies of tolerance induction and a better prognosis/diagnosis of patients before and after transplantation.

Scientific supervision of the rodent facility of CRTI.

Associate editor of Transplantation (

Review Editor of Frontiers in Translational Medicine

Founder and scientific advisor of AbolerIS Pharma


Regulatory T cells have been described as being capable of inducing tolerance to allogeneic organs, however, CD8+ Treg, while demonstrated as crucial in some diseases, have been put aside and their role and potential in tolerance remain unclear. My projects investigate both in rodent and human antigen-specific regulatory CD8+ T lymphocytes, their biology at a cellular and molecular level, their generation upon encounter with an antigen and their role in transplantation tolerance and autoimmunity. These aspects are particularly important in current transplantation since new immunosuppressive strategies are based on the generation of a donor-specific tolerance. Our long term goals are to allow the establishment of new strategies of tolerance induction and better prognosis/diagnosis of patients before and after transplantation.

On-going projects


  • Molecular characterization of CD8+ Tregs: phenotype, function
  • Characterization of CD8+ Tregs specificity: Characteristics and roles of the TCR/MHC/peptide interaction in rat and human
  • In vivo evaluation of CD8+ Tregs contribution in experimental and human transplantation: CD8+CD45RClow Tregs as a cellular therapy
  • Immunotherapy using anti-CD45RC mAbs, allowing to deplete CD4+ and CD8+ effector T cells without affecting CD4+ and CD8+ Tregs
  • Immunotherapy using the IL-34 cytokine to induce M2 macrophages and favor tolerance
  • Generation of Tregs from induced pluripotent stem cells

Latest news

2020-2023 // European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases TARID "Thymic Abnormalities in Rare Immunological Diseases" which will aim to study two rare diseases (myasthenia gravis and polyendocrine autoimmune syndrome type 1) which have as common characteristic an inherited or acquired defect in the Autoimmune Regulator gene (AIRE ). This project is the winner of the 1st European Joint Program on Rare Diseases (JTC 2019) call, which funds projects aimed at accelerating the diagnosis and / or exploring the progression and mechanisms of rare diseases.

2019-2022 // We are partners of the H2020 RESHAPE Reshaping undesired Inflammation in challenged Tissue Homeostasis by Next-Generation regulatory T cells

2019 // Prize from Fondation Grand Ouest

2019 // 20rd laureate prize from Beatrice Denys Foundation

09-12-16 // We have recently signed out-licensing global agreement with TxCell, a biotechnology company developing innovative, personalized cellular immunotherapies using regulatory T cells, for use of CD8+ Tregs to treat inflammation and autoimmune disorders

09-03-17 // Carole Guillonneau laureate Prize «Don de vie-don de soi» Fondation du Rein 2017

13-06-16 // Carole Guillonneau laureate Prize France Transplant 2016

02-04-16 // Carole Guillonneau (Mentor) and Séverine Bézie (Mentee) receive the 2016 TTS-SFT International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Award