Laser Microdissection

The platform's mission is to assist you in the mastership of the device (training, laser adjustment ...) but also in the steps of sample preparation for laser microdissection


The system is an inverted microscope that works with a UV laser that cuts the cells or tissues of interest by photoablation of the adjacent tissue. This system requires no contact between the sample and the collector tube thus limiting the risk of contamination for molecular analysis. Several regions of interest can be microdissected in an automated operation, and collected in a plug that will be used for the extraction of biomolecules.

Interest of the technique

This technology makes it possible to overcome tissue heterogeneity and to be able to enrich a given cell population in order to study different structures or cell types from a transcriptomic point of view (chip, Q-PCR) or proteomic (Western- blot, mass spectrometry)


  • PALM Microbeam IV System : Zeiss inverted stand-up microscope AX 200, laser diode UV, Objectifs X5/0.25, X20/0.40, X40/0.6, X63/0.75.
  • Fluorescence : DAPI (Fs49), GFP (Fs38), Cy3 (Fs43), Cy5 (Fs50)
  • PALM software RoboSoftware version